We offer a full line of multilingual recruitment, language and cross-cultural communication services, and diversity solutions, within and across borders. Turn to us anytime for any of your needs. We will provide you with high-standard services you will be greatly satisfied with. We commonly design and implement custom-tailored solutions while working with our new and existing clients to meet their special and often unique needs. 

Our Linguistic, Cross-Cultural Communication, Diversity Staffing and Recruiting Solutions include:

  • Staffing and Recruiting of Multilingual and Cross-Culturally Competent professionals (per-diem, contract, contract-to-hire, permanent, full/part-time).
  • Strategic Diversity Recruitment.
  • International Recruitment & Employment Assistance
  • Outsourcing, Relocation & Expatriates Assistance
  • Translation
  • and Localization services.
  • Multimedia Transcription Services.
  • First-class telephonic, onsite, audio/video, teleconference, or escort interpreting services (consecutive and simultaneous).
  • Foreign Language Resources Optimization and Cross-Cultural Consulting services.
  • Multimedia Production , Software and Products Localization services.
  • Multimedia Transcription Services.
  • Linguistic & Cultural Immersion Programs.
  • International Travel Preparation Programs.
  • Sign Language Interpreting services (American and Foreign).
  • Foreign Language Documents and multimedia production.
  • Dubbing/Subtitling, Editing, Proofreading, Transliteration services and much more.

Contact us at your convenience with specific details about your need so we may provide you with optimal solutions.

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