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  • Need to find and recruit qualified bilingual and cross-culturally competent professionals, from IT to marketing to accounting/finance – on a temporary, permanent or temp-to-perm basis?
  • Need the highest quality, certified translation and interpreting services?
  • Need help to clearly and effectively communicate with non-English or foreign language speaking parties  – live, via phone or video as well as emails, faxes and other methods? 
  • Need to better manage, assess and optimize the use and deployment of your organization's linguistic and cultural capabilities in response/anticipation of an increasingly diverse client base?
  • Need the highest quality localization services for specific materials, products and/or services?
  • Need to be in tune with social, cultural, religious, political and other realities of foreign groups/countries through language learning/training, cultural immersion or coaching programs?
  • Need strategic globalization and localization solutions to successfully cross borders and
    transcend linguistic and cultural barriers?
  • Or wonder how you can make your Diversity and Inclusion initiatives truly successful strategies and gain the full support and engagement of your organization's leadership and employees?

With Multilingual Professionals, A2ZLI.com puts the Lingua-Factor™  into Diversity Recruitment!

We are A2Z Lingua International - A2ZLI.com. And you have definitely come to the right place! 
From Foreign Language and Cross-Cultural Communication to Multilingual Staffing/Recruiting services, whether you require a team of 12 Pashto or Arabic professional linguists (with Top Secret Clearance & Polygraph, or just clearable ones); bilingual/bicultural global managers/executives; 300 English-Chinese call center agents; 100 inter-culturally competent sales agents, account executives or medical/healthcare professionals (PAs, RNs, LPNs, etc) equally fluent in English and Spanish; a bilingual English-German engineer; a team of professional Kurdish, Baluchi or Farsi  linguists/analysts or any other multilingual and culturally qualified professionals; we are fully committed to always helping with top-notch, cost-effective and timely solutions, worldwide – no matter what the language combinations, skills-set or solutions you require.

Strategic Diversity Recruitment
A2ZLI's Multilingual Pros Division is the ultimate source for strategic Diversity Recruitment, Foreign Language Services and Cross-Cultural Communication Solutions. We are continuously serving and fully satisfying a growing number of clients in various industries – including legal, medical, healthcare, banking, finance, information technology, marketing, sales, etc.
And, to always remain in accordance with our Total Client Satisfaction Policy (TCSP), we first collect the maximum relevant information on your organization and projects. Then we tackle your needs with clear insight to provide optimal, custom-tailored and unequaled solutions. 

Strategic Diversity Recruiting
makes your workforce an active part of the solutions to today's global challenges thru and  multilingual  capabilities, employer branding, multicultural marketing...
The Results:
- Greater customers satisfaction and
  employees productivity, and pride
- Positive Bottom Line impact.

Got Diversity?™
Is Diversity within your organization automatically associated with moral obligation to the community, minority indexes and bio-stats?
Or does it make real business sense
 – beyond the "numbers' game" and the right thing to do – with positive impact on your level of success, global markets reach and profit?

We are Diversity We Speak the World!™ And our mission is to make successful business possible beyond differences, linguistic and cultural barriers, worldwide.

Globalization, Localization, Internationalization, Multiculturalism, Multilingual Capabilities…
These are more than just buzz-words filling executive, political, academic
and media spheres. They are descriptive of the ever-increasingly diverse world we live in today and, irreversibly… tomorrow.
And there is only one way to succeed in it: Strategic Diversity in businesses, products, services, suppliers, partners, customers, media... and
most importantly Diversity in people/workforce.

We are proof, the competitive advantage of successful business leaders in this global era is - literally - turning Diversity into a working linguistic and cross-cultural force. Find out how we can help your organization get full Return on Diversity™, more than just trophies and recognition for your Diversity investments and initiatives! Contact us anytime for professional consulting and custom-designed solutions, derived from applications and return-driven Multilingual, Multicultural, International and Diversity expertise.

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