Got Diversity? ™ There is more: Get Return On Diversity!

  • Does your company have operations in culturally and linguistically diverse areas such as Little Italy of New York City; Chinatown of San Francisco, New York City or Seattle; or other predominantly immigrant localities across the U.S. or abroad?
  • Do you have suppliers/vendors in Mexico, India or China, engineers and investment professionals on speed dial mode with the Middle East, customers and business partners spread all over Europe and beyond?
  • Does your company have plans to takeover and reinforce market position in Montreal, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo or Seoul; New Delhi, Dhaka, Kuala Lumpur, Shenzhen, Dubai, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich, Lisbon, Berlin, Madrid, Monrovia, Cape Town or any others?
  • Is your organization getting tangled in costly and mishandled localization and translation processes resulting in unnecessary delays, frustrations and loses in global operations and an acute need for process standardization across borders?

If any of these applies to you, then it only makes business sense to have your local and international staff reflect the diversity encountered at all levels of your operations. In fact, it's only fair, in return for your organization's huge diversity investment in efforts, time and funding, to expect positive impact on your business bottom line: Greater profit and results! from marketing to operations, with relation to employees, customers, suppliers/vendors and communities you serve.

Our Multilingual Pros division makes it a mission to help organizations become fully diverse, hence, multilingual and cross-culturally capable in order to become truly global! Our multilingual recruitment and marketing solutions, combined with translation, localization, globalization, diversity and cross-cultural consulting services are intended to produce maximum return on diversity for organizations committed to... Diversity.

Diversity is often referred to in terms of ethnicity, race, religion, age and gender. Without a diverse body rich of foreign language capabilities the Lingua-Factor™ and cross-cultural awareness, local businesses and multinationals continuously struggle through unforeseen complexities and compliance burdens in recruitment and retention, without ever truly benefiting from the Diversity Advantage on the local or global level.

Our idea of Diversity goes beyond the need for EEO/AA compliance, corporate responsibility and moral obligations to society. We firmly believe Diversity has a greater raison d'ętre than plaques, trophies and other acknowledgements/recognitions of diversity accomplishments or goals, and EEO/AA compliance requirements/policies. Our commitment to diversity is only equaled by our ambition to put it to work and use the associated linguistic and cultural competitive advantage to fully overcome obstacles paving the global race runway and win, abroad, but also right here, at home...

Beyond the creation and sustaining of an inclusive work environment where all employees regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, physical ability or sexual orientation, Diversity talents are challenged to achieve their full potential and deploy their linguistic and cross-cultural capabilities in the benefit of your organization, customers, partners and vendors, locally and abroad.

We work with various organizations and provide a wide range of custom-tailored diversity solutions – to include:

  • Diversity Recruitment
  • Diversity Marketing and Multicultural Advertising Implementation
  • Diversity Assessment and Training
  • Thorough and objective evaluation of your corporate internal diversity structure and global capabilities
  • Strategic Diversity Planning and Multilingual Staff Utilization
  • Development of Foreign Language Roster and Cultural Resource, and protocols for adequate response to business inquiries and needs originating from non-English speaking customers, suppliers and employees, locally and abroad
  • Cross-Cultural Communication training and conflict prevention
  • On-Staff Employees' Foreign Language Proficiency  Assessment & Certification
  • Assessment & Determination of Language Needs according to Market Demographics
  • Identification and Development of in-house Language Resources
  • Diversity Outreach Programs inclusive of Limited English Proficient (LEP) populations 
  • Globalization, Diversity & EEO/AA consulting for maximum Return on Diversity™
  • Workforce & Supplier Diversity Initiatives consultation
  • Strategic Diversity (Multicultural & Multilingual) Recruitment and Retention
  • Strategic Multicultural/Multilingual Market Research and Planning prior to products or services launch
  • Diversity Committee development and Management Consulting
  • Diversity Initiative Planning, Development and Execution – top-to-bottom
  • On-Site Diversity Consulting

We set mission to support true commitment to Diversity and positively impact your organization's bottom line - putting Supplier Diversity and Diversity in People to work for you. We believe that achieving your workforce Diversity objectives and suppliers Diversity goals should also mean increasing your reach to international and locally diverse marketplaces.

Whether the worldmap is your desk or office floor, Strategic Diversity is the key to sustainable global success. We make it possible to harness the full potential of diverse workforces while realizing total inclusion and Diversity goals. It all begins with the end in mind; the aim to maximize Return on your Diversity Investments - with 360° view of Strategic Diversity at work for your organization, from Diversity Marketing and Recruitment to Cross-Cultural communication and anything in between.

Contact us now for further information, analysis of your very own specific needs and adequate solutions design and implementation.

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