A2Z Lingua International (A2ZLI) is a global multilingual/diversity recruitment and end-to-end cross-cultural communication solutions provider to corporations, governments and individuals around the globe. Our product and service offerings virtually span all areas of the industry.

Finally one central resource that you can confidently count on and turn to for any of your communication and multicultural human resource needs! One so reliable that a growing number of local and international organizations naturally come to consider as their very own Diversity Resource and/or Language and Cross-Cultural Communication department, knowing they can turn to us anytime, anywhere and in the face of any challenges for temporary and permanent multilingual and multicultural staff augmentation and diversity recruiting solutions, nationally and abroad.  

As the single organization that addresses all multilingual and cross-cultural communication related needs, A2ZLI’s core solutions include the following:

  • Language and cross-cultural communication services: interpreting, translation, localization, multimedia transcription, proofreading, editing, sign language interpretation, transliteration, language and cultural immersion programs, travel preparation programs, linguistic and cultural consulting, etc. A2ZLI is always bridging diversity with Top-Notch communication solutions for corporations, governments and individuals – including general public, blind, deaf and hearing impaired audiences. 
  • Diversity - Multilingual and multicultural - staff augmentation/recruiting services.
  • Multilingual business directories (soon available Online, on CD-Rom, via PDAs and in prints).

A2ZLI has built a solid reputation on the foundation of Highest Standard Solutions and Total Customer Satisfaction Policy, thus, earning the status of a highly respected and reputable figure of the industry. A2ZLI also offers clients a full range of language and cross-cultural communication products – including interpreting equipments, language learning and translation tools and software, audio/video recording equipment, communication products for the deaf, blind and hearing impaired audiences and more. 

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